About Us

Bringing the Raw Goodness to your Doorstep!

Our every product is handcrafted and we make sure that we make things in small batches so that when a Nib & Nut product reaches you, it is nothing but wholesome.

Made with fresh & high quality ingredients, every Nib & Nut product has a story to tell. Keeping the goodness intact, it tells a story of where it came from. May it be the Cinnamon from Sri Lanka, or Pistachios of Iran.

Nothing beats a spoonful of The Nib & Nut Co.

Top Quality Ingredients

Freshly sourced, highest quality, and flavorful ingredients

Made with Love

Each product is crafted by hand, staying up to your expectation

Delivered Fresh & Tasty

What's better than enjoying Nib & Nut while it is still fresh